East Forum 2014

Unemployment is one of the main challenges which nowadays the international community is called upon to give answers, both in emerging and industrialized economies. Although different nations face a different realities, Europe in particular is marked dramatically by this phenomenon, especially in its younger classes. Not only recession has drastically reduced employment figures, it has also sparked an historical transformation, both in terms of technology and reorganization of production systems worldwide. The ensuing impact on the quality of labour and skills the market needs and will demand cannot be underestimated. The ability of public and private policies to attract talented workers and promote an economic system capable of sustaining entrepreneurship, as well as the creation and growth of new businesses through an adequate economic system, will be crucial to promote a shift back to sustainable growth that fosters employment.

The 2014 edition of the East Forum aims at providing a space to conduct debates and in-depth analyses and represent an opportunity to discuss how the nature of “labour” is changing and what the role of innovation and investments could be in reviving the European economic growth. Last, but not least, it will address the role of public policy in promoting employment opportunities for millions of young Europeans.

The first panel will address how labour is changing. It will be an opportunity to enjoy the success stories of some young innovators who have succeeded and endeavoured to create a job by pursuing an innovative idea.

The second panel will deal with the role the private sector can and should play in the economic development of the EU. It will address the creation of new production models that foster innovation and generate new energy with a view to tackling the future challenges of global competition. In addition, it will discuss investments and their vital role in the revival of economic growth in Europe.

In order for recovery to become an actual, solid, and long-term economic upturn, the third panel will address the role of public policy in supporting employment and talents, as well as in creating the ideal conditions for growth to flourish through employment opportunities.

As in the tradition of the East Forum, experts and national and international officials will help address all topics and case studies, together with those who are more entitled to speak about the European Union of tomorrow: the younger generations.

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